The future of healthcare Research & Innovation in Europe

Concrete examples of cross-sectorial collaboration

 Healthcare systems in Europe face increasing challenges on a number of fronts; at the same time, technological and scientific advances offer new opportunities to solve these challenges. Especially now, efforts are needed to improve health resilience and support Europe’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Five industry associations representing pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technologies industries operating in Europe (COCIR, EFPIA, MedTech Europe, EuropaBio and Vaccines Europe) have come together to work on a Strategic Agenda for the proposed European Health Innovation Public-Private Partnership (PPP) under Horizon Europe.

The examples illustrate how only a cross-sectoral partnership bringing together stakeholders along the patient's journey can make significant progress towards addressing unmet health needs. How will the combination of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and biomarkers research create a better understanding of obesity? How can we enhance the use of ground-breaking biologics and smart inhalers to faster diagnose patients with steroid-resistant asthma? How can we integrate and assess new and promising therapies for breast cancer care?

As the scientific priorities and operational structure of the partnership are under development, we show what cross-sectorial health R&D&I could concretely look like – provided that the necessary efficient processes and flexibility are put in place.

Stay tuned! This selection of examples is only a start, more examples will be shared over the next months. You can also submit to examples of translational research challenges that require cross-sectorial and public private collaboration and would have a transformative effect on patients or healthcare systems.


Case studies

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Going the extra mile: an integrative approach towards breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and care